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Amsterdam Survival Academy
Herman Renting
Herman, along with enthusiastic colleagues, provides survival day camps for kids. His passion is around teaching children to play safely in nature with things that may at first seem a little scary, but don't have to be.
His experience and expertise come from many years in both the Dutch Marine Corps and the Commandos. Among other adventures, he's been hot in the Dutch Antilles, Beliz and Martinique; and cold and wet in Scotland and Norway. Currently, he is a fireman and rescue diver with the dutch fire service.
(And he likes to watch Bear Grylls on National Geographic too!)

Saturday, 23 July 2016

ASA Summer Survival Camps 2016 - Week 1

Wow!  Camp started and Summer started!  A truly great combination.  :-)

It was a week full of firemaking, new food experiments, trips to the lake, rafting and games.
A super time had by all - see you again soon.

The ASA crew


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