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Amsterdam Survival Academy
Herman Renting
Herman, along with enthusiastic colleagues, provides survival day camps for kids. His passion is around teaching children to play safely in nature with things that may at first seem a little scary, but don't have to be.
His experience and expertise come from many years in both the Dutch Marine Corps and the Commandos. Among other adventures, he's been hot in the Dutch Antilles, Beliz and Martinique; and cold and wet in Scotland and Norway. Currently, he is a fireman and rescue diver with the dutch fire service.
(And he likes to watch Bear Grylls on National Geographic too!)

Monday, 15 February 2016


Use this link to sign up for the ASA Summer Survival Camps 2016, available from July 18th through August 5th.
Please fill in all contact information below and select the days you would like for your children to attend the ASA Summer Survival Camps this year.  You will also be required to sign a waiver including any medical and/or allergy information on your first morning of camp.

ASA Summer Survival Camps 2016 registration. To fill it out, visit: 


  1. Hi - its says I need permission to access that form?

  2. Hi AliB, I went in and edited the permissions this morning, please do try again and let me know if you have any further issues. Thanks!

  3. For the summer camps, we are in a scouting area in Amsterdamse Bos. For the Ardennes weekends away, we head out to the Belgian Ardennes!

  4. Interested in Amsterdam - what ages would be appropriate for this?

  5. Hi, I have two 11yo and one 6 1/2 yo (DOB Nov 23), and they are ESL speakers. Will you be able to take them?

  6. Hi Judy,
    The eleven year olds will be fine. We have a general policy of maintaining our 7 year old minimum age; we have found through experience that kids younger than seven can be a bit overwhelmed by all the activity and action. We also have a strict policy of the children needing to have swim diplomas (there is a lot of water around) - do the kids have swim diplomas? If you'd like to discuss it further, please let me know and i can give you a ring. thanks! rachael

  7. Hi. Just moved here from Scotland and thinking about signing up my kids ages 12 and 9 for your camp. They do not have swimming diplomas because we just moved here. Is it possible to enroll them?

    1. Hello. Welcome! :-) i guess the question is 'Can they swim? are they confident in and around the water?' there is a lot of water around camp and we take the kids into the lake where the water is deeper (we have a few lifejackets if necessary). there is a ton of stuff to do outside of the water as well, but they would need a minimum of comfort around water. let me know if you'd like to discuss further, happy to. r

    2. Thanks for your reply. They both swim well, snorkel in the ocean, etc. Not sure how they will be in water they can not see thorugh but the ability is there. Can you tell me exactly where the camp meets? We are getting around by foot, bike or public transport and coming from Oud Zuid. I am trying to figure out logistics of getting the kids to you daily. Thanks.

    3. Nice to hear back from you Elizabeth! Please use the registration link about to sign the kids up and then I will have an email address that I can send you a load of information to. Thanks! otherwise, you can email me on Look forward to seeing the girls, they will be fine with the water - I will encourage them to close their eyes! :)